A visit to Farmlodge is a must during your stay in Bohuslän.

Make a day trip or stay over and enjoy our homely B&B in scenic Brastad, only an hour and a half drive north from Gothenburg and only a few kilometers from Lysekil and the sea.

Since we opened Farmlodge in 2019 it has become a place for both kids and adults to come and enjoy the nature and spend time with the farm animals. As well as enjoying “a Swedish fika” in our café.  “A fika” the delightful Swedish custom of enjoying a coffee and a treat with friends. Our café is filled with fresh home-baked coffee bread made from scratch in our own bakery. When getting hungry we offer lunch or dinner in the old garden or in our orangery.

Farmlodge is a farm where various animals of agriculture, now mainly horses, have a central and obvious place. The farm is also home to lots of other animals such as cats, a dog, rabbits, pigs, goats, hens, ducks, guinea pigs that you as a guest can – if you want, visit and pet.

Many guests from both Sweden and abroad stay over in our Bed & Breakfast to enjoy more of the farm and its inhabitants and to have a good night’s relaxation. In the evening you can eat farm dinner, if being ordered upon your arrival, play some boardgames in the livingroom and watch the sun go down behind the hills. In the morning my family set up a delicious breakfast in the café. A perfect start to the day.

Bed & Breakfast in the beautiful countryside of Bohuslän

Stay in a wonderfully rural setting and have several of Bohuslän’s gems just a short drive away.

Welcome to the family on the farm right in the heart of Bohuslän! Come and visit us and enjoy our homely B&B in scenic Brastad, only an hour and a half drive north from Gothenburg and just a few kilometers from Lysekil and the sea.

The farm is full of character and the rooms are renovated and decorated so that everyone has their own unique character.

Farmlodge is a farm with various animals, nowadays mainly horses, who all have a central and obvious place. The feeling we want you as a guest to get is that you are welcomed into our home, and that you are part of the life on the farm during your stay here!

Opening hours- Farm & Café

Really hungry or just have the urge for a snack?

In our cozy café, you can enjoy a peaceful and delicious lunch or fika inside or outside in our garden.
At Farmlodge we cook all the food ourselves-from scratch and season it with a touch of love. The menu includes warming soups and stews, salads, hearty pies and sandwiches.  We also serve cinnamon buns, brownies, pancakes with jam and cream, pies and other yummy treats.

Of course, we have options for those of you that want a vegetarian or vegan diet, as well for those of you who are gluten intolerant or have milk/soy protein allergy.

Opening hours – farm & café

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