• We warmly welcome you!

    Bo på lantgård i Bohuslän - Västkusten
  • We warmly welcome you!

    Bo på lantgård i Bohuslän - Västkusten
Hang out in the yard

Are you longing for a quiet moment or a change of scenery in everyday life? Sometimes it’s nice to just be in the moment and take the day as it comes, and maybe especially here at Farmlodge. Our farm is located in a lovely rural setting only a 90 minute drive north of Gothenburg, just a few kilometres from Lysekil and the sea. Here, you and the family can enjoy a few hours of hanging out, without any musts or planned activities.

The farm and the café are open:


On the farm there are Gotland rabbits, which are an endangered Swedish pet breed. The Gotland rabbit is descended from the old Swedish country rabbit. Fully grown, they weigh between three and four kilos and live for about ten years. Rabbits are popular pets in Sweden and have actually been kept as pets since the 16th century.


A pony is a small horse that measures a maximum of 148 centimetres at the withers. There are a variety of pony breeds and at Farmlodge we have the mini Shetland pony Snövind. The Shetland pony originally comes from the islands of Shetland off the coast of Scotland and is one of the world’s smallest pony breeds. The Shetland pony is small but one of the world’s strongest equines and was once used as a draught horse in Britain’s coal mines.


It’s easy to think that mini pigs are a separate breed, but that’s actually not the case. Mini pig is a collective name for small breeds of the common domestic pig. They are kept as pets and weigh less than 80 kilos as adults. Mini pigs are incredibly smart and easy to teach. When you meet a pig, you quickly understand the Swedish term ”kelgris”, literally ”cuddle pig”. Pigs love cuddling and having their bellies scratched. At Farmlodge you will meet Carola and Nasse and their family.


For breakfast, you can have eggs from the farm’s own hens. We have a few different breeds on the farm, one is the Pekin Bantam, which originates from China. They lay small eggs, and are great mothers. They are perfect pets for children as they are very easily tamed. They are robust hens that live long lives and love company.


The African pygmy goat traces its origins to Cameroon in West Africa and is currently a popular feature at many zoos. Goats provide milk which is mainly used for cheese making. A goat has four stomachs and ruminates just like a cow. The Farmlodge goats are called Kalle and Jumper. They weigh between 20-35 kilos and live about 10-12 years. The food they like best is hay, bushy plants, bark and leaves.


Quails – in this case the Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica) – are very productive. They hatch after just seventeen days and mature six to seven weeks later. Once they start laying, they can lay more than one egg per day. On average, they lay one egg every eighteen hours. So a dozen quails can produce over a hundred eggs a week.

Lantgårdens söta kattungar


All farms must have at least one cat, this goes for Farmlodge too, we have several. The cat is an excellent hunter who keeps stables and barns free of mice and rodents. At the same time, they are cuddly and enjoy curling up for a while.  In the summer we often have kittens.


Did you know that the Swedish name for the guinea pig (marsvin) means sea pig?

This is because sailors carried guinea pigs on their ships when they sailed from South America to Europe.

Can you visit the animals?

Yes, you can visit all the small animals in the company of an adult.

Unfortunately, you can not visit the  horses.

Can you feed the animals?

Only with small portions of grass.

Can you bring your own picnic basket?

Those who are hungry are welcome to visit our cafe!

You are not allowed to bring your own coffee/snacks into the farm/surrounding area

Can I bring my dog into the café/yard?

We love dogs that are on leash. Dogs are not allowed to greet or sniff the farm’s animals or go near their enclosures.

Is the farm accessible to people with disabilities?

The farm dates back to the 19th century, a number of renovations have been made, modernising

the farm in the process, but there are thresholds and stairs in the main building.

The entrance to the main building is equipped with stairs and a ramp. The toilet on the entrance floor is spacious and can accommodate a pram, wheelchair etc.

The entire farm is non-smoking

Help with the animals on the farm.

Lillbonden (the little farmer) is an activity for children, from 6 years.

The children can try their hand at caring for, feeding and learning more about our animals while the parents take a walk or enjoy a coffee break.

Max 5 children per group. We work for about 45 minutes. Start at 10.00. Price SEK 300

Book at  info@farmlodge.se

Bo på lantgård i Bohuslän

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